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Friday April 25 , 2014


2012 Rt12R first in USA

The first RUF Rt12R in the USA was delivered to it's new owner in Jacksonville, Florida. We were all able to go to the Port of Jacksonville and witness the container being unsealed and the car coming out. After our technician reconnected the battery, and got it started, we then left the Port and drove the car to Brumos Porsche were the Rt12R will be re-inspected. Congrats to the proud new owner. A very unique and un-German color - Candy Apple Red, but an iconic American hot-rod color, this Rt12R really drew attention. The showroom at Brumos emptied when we pulled in. Thanks to the gang at Brumos, they graciously offered us a private tour of their museum which we certainly took advantage of.


RUF CTR 3 Clubsport

RUF CTR 3 Clubsport at Geneva Motorshow 2012

The styling of the CTR 3 evokes the mid-engine Le Mans Coupes of the 1950s. The new Clubsport package further plays on the classic 1950s styling cues with the addition of Carbon-Fibre enhancements to the fenders, door sills, rear deck lid and the roof mounted air-duct. The Clubsport package also features a functional rigid rear spoiler.

The CTR 3's extraordinary performance make it RUF's flagship model.

Technical Data CTR 3

Power at 750ps /552kW @ 7100

Torque at 960 Nm @ 4000 1/min

Displacement: 3746 cm³

Transmission: 6-speed sequential

Top Speed: 370 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 20 l/100 km
Non-urban: 9,9 l/100 km
Combined: 13,5 l/100 km



RUF RGT 8 at Geneva Motorshow 2012

The RGT 8, first introduced here at Geneva in 2010, is now available based on the new Porsche 991 platform. The RGT 8 features the "all RUF", naturally aspirated V8 that produces 550 hp. The flexibility of the V8 engine delivers extraordinary performance and a sound track that only a high‑revving, flat‑crank V8 can produce.

The V8 engine was inspired by racing technology and features hemispherically arranged valves, 180 degree "flat" crankshaft, dry sump lubrication and direct drive ancillaries eliminating all drive belts. The RGT 8 is available with only a six-speed manual transmission powering the rear wheels.

Technical Data RGT 8

Power at 550ps/405kW @ 8500

Torque at 500 Nm @ 4000 1/min

Displacement: 4499 cm³

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Top Speed: 318 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 19,7 l/100 km
Non-urban: 9,8 l/100 km
Combined: 12,9 l/100 km


RUF Rt 35 Anniversary

RUF Rt 35 Anniversary at Geneva Motorshow 2012

The Rt 35 Anniversary is based on the Porsche 991. Its Turbo power-train is offered only in rear wheel drive. The engine produces 630 hp and is available with the PDK transmission ensuring outstanding performance and driver comfort. The name is derived from RUF's 35 year history and expertise with turbo-charged engines.

Displayed beside the Rt 35 Anniversary is the 1977 RUF Turbo 3.3. The 3.3 litre engine produced 303 hp and was mated to RUF's own 5‑speed transmission. This specific car was the original one tested by the German car magazine, Auto Motor und Sport. This car was bought back and restored by RUF Automobile.

Technical Data Rt 35 Anniversary

Power at 630ps/464kW @ 6500

Torque at825 Nm @ 3000 1/min

Displacement: 3800 cm³

Transmission: Double clutch gearbox

Top Speed: 330 km/h

Fuel consumption
Urban: 16,7 l/100 km
Non-urban: 8,2 l/100 km
Combined: 11,5 l/100 km



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