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Thursday April 24 , 2014

2014 3800S Roadster & Coupe


The 2014 RUF 3800S was launched at the Geneva International Motorshow in March, 2013. The 3800S is available in either Roadster or Coupe version. The engine is a 420hp 3.8 liter from the 991 Carrera S and features a 7-speed "double-clutch" or RDK transmission, or a 6-speed manual transmission.  This is not a conversion but a complete RUF “vin” car, titled as a RUF with its unique RUF vehicle identification number.


The 991 Carrera S engine in the 3800S produces 420hp and 332lb/ft of torque at 5600rpm. This is accomplished by the bespoke exhaust and intake developed by RUF and the exclusive RUF remapping of the ECU. Sharing the same basic engine architecture of the 9A1 engine family, the mechanical installation of the 3.8 engine was fairly straightforward. Reconfiguring the installation from a rear-engine to the 981 mid-engine requires the design and manufacture of many hydraulics, pipes, hoses and oil lines that are specific to the 3800S. All these custom components of course are manufactured to the OEM standards you would expect from RUF Automobile. The 3.8 engine is only slightly heavier than the standard engine so the excellent balance of the 981 is maintained.


The 3800S also includes visual enhancements. RUF wanted to give the 3800S a more mature look. This was accomplished by bringing it closer to the 991 and the Carrera GT.  The front spoiler/bumper has a deeper more aggressive look and the rear bumper accommodates the new RUF exhaust by going from the 981 central exhaust pipes to exhaust pipes on either side. The wheels are 20 inch and are the iconic RUF five-spoke look to further the transformation of the 981 to 3800S.


The 3800S also has been lowered 25mm, accomplished using RUF’s own springs. The springs are matched to the recalibrated RASM active damping system. The suspension changes give the 3800S a perfect visual stance and amazingly supple ride.


All 3800S are built to the customer’s specifications, a truly bespoke automobile. Once an order is placed, it is approximately 6 months to complete production. Please contact us at RUF Auto US to arrange your order.
















Images 3800 S

Technics 3800 S



   ·        Aluminum block and cylinder heads

·        Liquid-cooled

·        Four valves per cylinder

·        Camshaft adjustment with valve timing and lift VarioCam Plus

·        Hydraulic valve adjustment

·        Dry sump lubrication. Electronically controlled oil pump

·        Drive-by-wire throttle

·        Direct fuel injection (DFI)

·        Knock sensor for each cylinder

·        Two-stage resonance induction

·        Two, three-way catalytic converters with stereo lambda control units

·        Static high-voltage control units with individual coils




·        Six speed manual or Seven speed double clutch automatic, rear wheel drive




·        Light weight multi-link front suspension

·        Light weight multi-link rear suspension

·        Front and rear anti-roll bars

·        Stability management system with:

               o        Anti-lock brakes

o        Traction control system

o        Automatic brake differential

o        Electronic stability management


·        Front Wheels: 5-spoke 8.5” x 20” forged light alloys w/245/30ZR20 tires

·        Rear Wheels: 5-spoke 10” x 20” forged light alloys w/285/30ZR20 tires




Maximum speed:                    295 km/h

Acceleration 0 -100 km/h:      4.6 seconds


Base Price RUF 3800S MY 2014


3800S Coupe w/rear wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission:             $139.695.00


3800S Cabrio w/rear wheel drive 6-speed manual transmission            $132,895.00


Prices are POE Detroit, Michigan USA as of August 8, 2013 and are subject to change