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Wednesday April 23 , 2014

2014 RCT

2014 RUF RCT



RUF’s turbocharged cars have a proven track record. A record that has evolved over 37 years, placing RUF Automobile at  the leading edge of automotive technology and design. A milestone car in RUF history is the RCT launched in 1994. The acronym: “RCT” stands for “RUF Carrera Turbo”. The RCT's performance gains were achieved by transforming a normally-aspirated, flat-six power-unit into a high-torque motor. This was accomplished through RUF’s renowned turbo technology and was enthusiastically received by devotees, clients and media alike. The RCT quickly became very successful, and for 2014, the second generation RCT pays tribute to the original RCT heritage. 

The 2014 RCT’s new, intercooled twin-turbo 3.8-litre engine develops 525 hp (386 kW) at 6.800 rpm. Maximum torque is 502 lb/ft (680 Nm), delivered between 2.300 and 4.500 rpm. The RCT’s rear wing creates optimum down force over the rear axle to further enhance handling, while directing air to the rear-mounted intercooler. The exhaust system is specially tuned to improve power output, while also producing an aggresive sound announcing that this is a serious performance machine. The RUF RCT coupe can be configured with rear-wheel drive as well as an all-wheel drive, with PDK and manual transmission (YES, a turbo with a manual). RUF’s vast options list for the RCT includes the famous IRC - or Integrated Roll Cage, custom RUF tuned suspension packages. As with any bespoke RUF build, you have an unlimited choice of exterior colors and interior materials.


Please contact us for specification, option and pricing. We are taking reservations now with approximately six month build time.

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Technics RCT




RCT with 3.8 liter flat six engine


Output 386 kW (525 bhp) at 6,800 RPM, maximum torque 680Nm (502 lb/ft) at 1.950 RPM




7-speed Double Clutch

Rear-wheel or all-wheel drive




Front: 5-spoke 8.5“ x 20 forget light-alloy wheels with tires 245/30 ZR 20

Rear: 5-spoke 11.5“ x 20 forget light-alloy wheels with tires 305/30 ZR 20

Tire sealing compound and electrical compressor

Power steering with variable steering ratio

McPherson-strut front suspension

Light weight multi-link rear suspension

Stability Management with anti-lock break system, traction control system,

  automatic break differential, electronic stability management




Front: 6-piston-monobloc-fixed calipers

380 mm internally ventilated and perforated ceramic composite brake disks

Rear: 4-piston-monobloc-fixed calipers

350 mm internally ventilated and perforated ceramic composite brake disks

Bosch ABS 8.0




0 - 100 km/h: 3.5 seconds

0 - 200 km/h: 10.8 seconds

Top Speed: 315 km/h