3 tips for detailing your car

Is working to keep your car detailed getting the best of you? It’s quite a simple task to detail and clean your car if you focus on a few key steps to get the job done both efficiently and quickly. Start simply when working to complete this task and it won’t be nearly as time consuming or difficult as you might think to detail your car at home. Here are 3 ways to detail your car:

  1. Focus on the outside: Try detailing your car at home by simply giving it a quick wash. Invest in some high quality cleaning solution made specifically for your type of vehicle and use a simple garden hose to thoroughly wash and detail your car at home.


  1. Clean the interior: The best tool you have at your disposal to detail your car at home is your vacuum. Using the hose attachment, clean up any crumbs, rocks, or small debris on the floor of the car both quickly and easing using your vacuum.


  1. Wipe it down: Using a soft, lint free cloth you can easily clean and detail the interior of your car at home. Use window cleaner or a cleaner made for the dash and other surfaces of your vehicle to clean them and remove any grime or dust that might have accumulated over time.

Car detailing tips: what is a clay bar?

There are many steps to detailing a car, particularly when it comes to the exterior of the vehicle. While many people are familiar with washing and waxing a car, there is a step in between those two processes that is important to maintain the finish on a vehicle. This step is known as auto detailing clay bar.


So, what is a clay bar? It’s a compound made of engineered resin that is use to get rid of any sort of contaminants on the exterior of a car. Typically, a synthetic clay material is used for this process. The clay used to detail a car is similar to the material children play with, but the consistency is much more elastic and pliable. This elastic quality means it can be used in many applications on a variety of surfaces. Talk about a win win situation!

Even better, this detailing clay used exclusively for cars works to pick up and remove any sort of contaminants present on the car’s finish that could potentially cause damage. These small particles of dirt, dust, or even small pieces of metal can only be removed with a clay bar, making it an important step in detailing your car.

Car detailing tips: how to hand wash a car

When working to keep your car clean, the easiest way to do so is to simply visit a local car wash. It’s quick, convenient and really just simply gets the job done. However, a car wash will not give you the same results as detailing a car by hand. There is just a level of detail you get with hand washing that just cannot be achieved through an automated car wash.

When washing your car by hand, take time to research and invest in all of the proper tools for the job to complete it properly. Purchase a high quality cleanser made specifically for the type of vehicle and finish your car has and remember to also buy a separate cleanser made for the wheels. Use a lint free cloth when drying to ensure a smooth finish. Clean both the rubber on the tires with a product, then a second product for the hubcabs.

You can see a guide to cleaning the wheels here.

Car detailing tips: why should you wax your vehicle?

It is obvious that everyone should keep their cars clean in order to maintain the vehicle and keep its value up, but how far should you go when detailing your car or even hiring someone to detail it for you? By its very nature, detailing a car is a detail oriented process that is very thorough and implies that no area of the vehicle is left unclean during the cleaning of the vehicle. However, it is easy to wonder how far to take the car detailing process and whether or not it is worth the time to wax a car during detailing.


While it is very true that waxing a car during the detailing process is very labor intensive, but it is time well spent. Not only does the wax make the car shine and is pleasing from an aesthetical perspective, it also serves a worthwhile purpose. Wax actually works to protect the painted finish on a car, creating a barrier to protect it from potential scratches and damage over time.

So, perhaps it is true that waxing is a labor intensive process it is also a good investment in the life of a car. Keeping up with detailing will not only keep the car in great shape, it will also look nice rolling down the road.

Detailing your car: how to clean the wheels

While it is important to detail the interior and exterior of your car, it is also important to focus on the details of the vehicle. The wheels of the car are arguably one of the most important components. Likewise, the wheels have the most wear and tear on them as a part of the car. This is because the wheels are in contact with the ground on a regular basis, which makes them quite dirty and subject to plenty of hazards.


When working to detail the wheels on your car, it is best to start with a clean car. Wash your car by either taking it to your local car wash or washing it by hand. Once the wheel surfaces have been dried, it’s time to make them shine. Use a cleaner for the wheels themselves that will make the rubber on the car shine and keep it looking its best. You should also choose tire dressing. Once you have cleaned the rubber on the wheels, focus your attention on the hubcaps. Using a cleaner for your type of hubcap or rim, apply the cleaner with a soft rage to remove dirt, debris, or even brake dust from the surface. This will have the wheels on your car shining and looking great in no time!

Small business idea: detailing cars

For anyone who owns and drives a car, it’s easy to understand the importance of detailing a vehicle regularly. However, many people do not have the time to detail a car themselves, so they are more than willing to pay people to detail their cars for them. This is a great way to start a small business and make money on the side, if you enjoy detailing cars.


It’s quite easy to get started as a car detailer as a small business if you feel that is a good career path for you; simply start with people you know and ask them to detail their vehicles. Using word of mouth and by putting forth effort and producing good results, you can build a successful business. Many people start by washing cars by hand then as their profits grow they can buy more tools and machinery to help them expand the business. Still others have created mobile car detailing operations, where all the components of the car detailing are contained within a van or larger vehicle.

Owning your own car detailing business can be quite successful if you do plenty of research and build slowly to create a good solid business over time. Good luck!

The value of professional car detailing

There are plenty of occasions in life when it is more than appropriate to do things yourself. Whether it’s working on a project in your home or landscaping the yard, there are plenty of projects you can take on yourself instead of hiring the professionals to do it for you.

Detailing your car, however, is something that is often best left to the experts.  Not only will it get the job of detailing your vehicle done quickly, but it will also be done correctly and efficiently. So, how do you find the best professional car detailing company to get the job done? Try talking to friends and family members about their experiences and see if they have any recommendations of companies or individuals they trust.


Another good option for finding a car detailing professional is to research online for a company. Most car detailing companies will have an online presence, either through a professional website or via an online listing. Do plenty of research to find a company that gets good reviews from your peers to ensure you choose the right detailing company for you and your car.

No matter how you find the professional for car detailing, be sure to lay out your expectations ahead of time to ensure a smooth interaction that meets all of your needs.

Why should you detail your car?

You’re busy and chances are you don’t have a lot of time to spare most days. When life gets hectic, it’s easy to let some things fall by the wayside that you do not feel are important aspects of your life. However, detailing your car is something that is much more important than you might think at first glance. Sure, it seems like a luxury to spend an hour or even two hours detailing your car. However, it is an important aspect of car ownership to keep your vehicle clean and looking nice.


So, why should you invest the time and also the money in detailing your car on a regular basis? There are a few important reasons to keep your car clean both inside and out, the first of which is simply keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle. Keeping a car detailed will keep it looking nice and will also help prevent rust or other issues from forming on the exterior of the car.

Likewise, a clean interior will help you with a positive outlook and even make driving an enjoyable experience all around. Try small steps like not leaving unnecessary items in your car or cleaning up any spills right away to keep things clean. These simple things aren’t detailing, but will help you maintain a clean car in the long run.

What is Car Detailing?

Everyone knows how important it is to keep your car clean, but can you take it a step further? Yes, you can. Detailing your car or having your car detailed is an entirely different level than simply cleaning it. Detailing is the process of meticulously and professionally cleaning every part of the car, from the exterior to the wheels and windows, as well as the interior of the vehicle.

When a car is detailed, professionals use specific tools to remove any grime or dirt on the vehicle both inside the car and outside the car. This service helps maintain the overall look of a car but can also help improve and maintain its value should you someday wish to sell the car.

In addition to a cleaning, a car detailing service can help maintain the paint finish on the car through cleaning, correcting any problems, and protecting the painted surface of a car. This is achieved by using a reputable and knowledgeable professional to detail a car. Washing and cleaning the car comes first, followed by a clay bar application to remove any contaminants. Finally, the finish should be polished using a wax treatment to leave it shining.  This takes time and great car, but detailing a car and keeping it in good condition is an investment work making in your vehicle.